Advantages of Madrid Protocol


Before the ratification of the Madrid Protocol, trademark protection abroad required the filing of individual applications tailored to the various preferences and fee structures of each nation. In contrast, through the Madrid Application, trademark holders may file one application, in one language, at one time to enjoy the benefits of trademark protection in over 80 countries.


The Madrid Application allows you to target the countries in which you need trademark protection. When your business expands into new markets beyond those already designated, a simple, inexpensive update to your Madrid Application makes the adjustment painless.

Cost Savings

Country-by-country registration was an onerous process before the Madrid Protocol, since both governmental and legal expenses for filing abroad on an individual, country-by-country basis were enormous. However the standardization of form requirements and fee structures provided by the Madrid Protocol have reduced fees for international registration by about 60%. It is now both possible and advisable for many smaller businesses to consider foreign trademark protection that previously was feasible only for large corporations.


In many countries, applying through national trademark offices can take up to four years. However, Madrid Protocol applications must be examined and acted upon by signatory nations within 18 months. Also, the international application process can be handled entirely by American legal counsel: there is no need to go through the cumbersome, expensive process of obtaining foreign representation.


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