Multinational Collaborative Research
Litman Law works with universities, research centers, governments, technology innovators and entrepreneurial enterprises worldwide to develop and commercialize technology, to answer real world technology needs, and to facilitate long term global research relationships.  Through the combined efforts of our Academic Innovation Management (AIM) group and our Arabic IP Practice group, Litman Law has developed a coordinated global approach to bring important technology needs, talented and innovative researchers, and international financial resources together to create globally important innovations in a wide variety of technical fields, which include life sciences, medicine and biotechnology, energy, water and environmental technology, materials and nanotechnology, information and communications technology, and aerospace technology. 
Through the joint venture, Arabic Innovation Management, Litman Law and Soroof International, a technology company in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, helps U.S. and Saudi Arabian universities, research centers, and universities develop collaborative research and business relationships dedicated to the advancement of science and technology. Managing members of the joint venture, Richard Litman of Litman Law, and His Highness Prince Bander A. Al Saud, of Soroof International, work in unison to find the best possible match between research institutions, technology requirements, and research and development resources to produce long term international collaborative research relationships.

Litman Law’s emphasis on identifying key technology issues and analyzing global patent information quickly brings that important information into the developing research relationship. Litman Law is constantly meeting with representatives of U.S. universities and research centers for the purpose of identifying those best qualified to enter into one of the many multinational collaborative research efforts that continually arise from our special relationship with Middle East technology centers.  To learn more about these global research opportunities contact us at