Invention Assessment

Have an invention assessment backlog?

If you have a backlog or limited resources to assess possible patent rights, we can reduce your workload and speed up your throughput.

Are you just setting up your Technology Transfer Office?

If you are just setting up your technology transfer office, we can help you implement the best practices to review disclosures (invention submissions, articles before publication, research proposals, presentations, etc. before spending money for patent searches and applications.

Universities and research centers have limited funds
and staff allocated to the invention assessment process. An effective triage system requires the consideration of many factors, including prioritizing which disclosures should be considered for patent protection. Each disclosure requires careful review to determine whether it describes an invention that may be patentable.

A patent expert reviewing the disclosure can help identify patentable features, determine if more information is needed for a complete disclosure, and make recommendations to tech transfer executives.

Under the supervision of former USPTO Director Richard J. "Dick" Apley, our expert staff of former patent examiners and other patent professionals review disclosures for universities and research centers. We will provide a full report and hyperlinks to representative patent documents in the field of invention.

Our Risk Free Offer

As an introduction to our law firm, we offer invention assessment services to universities and research centers at no cost for a trial period of sixty (60) days.

Our goal is to assist you in making informed decisions about inventions early in the process. We will maintain confidentiality. There is no obligation for our law firm to conduct patent searches or handle patent applications for the disclosures we review.

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