Academic Innovation Management, LLC
AIM helps universities and research centers achieve objectives. For more information about how AIM can help your institution, please contact Richard Litman at

Entrepreneurial Proactive Global Model 

AIM's mission is to monetize IP assets through global technology development and commercialization. AIM helps maximize IP rights and the monetary return from scientific research through an entrepreneurial proactive global model. We incorporate the best practices used at top research universities and companies worldwide. AIM identifies valuable IP, develops strategic industry and university relationships, handles collaborative IP rights transactions, facilitates financing, and helps universities and research centers realize monetary return from their intellectual capital.

AIM Manages Experts Worldwide

AIM utilizes its connections with experts in IP, business, law, finance and international trade to identify and handle multinational transactions and to establish synergistic relationships for global tech transfer opportunities. AIM manages the process, helps with IP asset development, valuation and commercialization, and facilitates funding through grants and venture, trade and tax incentive financing for collaborative and sponsored research, and spin-off and spin-in companies.

AIM Maximizes Value and Shifts Large Costs

AIM maximizes value from the global IP process. The strategy is to preserve global options for as long as possible, and shift large costs to industry partners that commercialize the IP. AIM assists in identifying and securing valuable IP rights and synergistic relationships with industry partners and other universities throughout the world. Clusters of compatible IP from these collaborative partners can be used to establish broad IP rights in core technologies. AIM helps bundle these IP rights to maximize revenues.

AIM Helps with Branding for Educational and Research Institutions

IP rights are not just patent rights. The branding of a university, research center, project or technology can be of high value in developing marketplace awareness and interest by industry. The mental image associated with a research initiative affects the perception and valuation of IP assets. AIM helps clients develop their brands and handles the licensing, co-branding and other business aspects to developing brand equity and provide financial returns.