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نحن مكتب ليتمان القانوني نهتم بمساعدة الجامعات ومراكز البحوث، والحكومات ، والمؤسسات والمبدعين في شتى مجالات التكنولوجيا و المشاريع المشتركة في البحث والتطوير وتسويق التكنولوجيا. كما اننا مختصون في تقديم المشورة للجامعات والمراكز البحثية في العالم. إضافة الى اننا نقدم خدمات تسجيل و حماية العلامات التجارية و إصدار الترخيص لعملائنا

سنواصل إضافة صفحات باللغة العربية

Our Experience Shows!

Arabic Practice

Our Arabic IP Practice evolved from our relationships with educational and research institutions in Saudi Arabia and neighboring GCC countries. We help clients in matters involving research, technology development and commercialization. We also help U.S. companies obtain IP rights in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and other MENA countries, and assist with market entry and growth of technology and other IP based businesses such as franchises.

Litman Law is developing similar relationships around the world, particularly in China and throughout Asia, and in Brazil and other South American countries.

Litman Law offers cost-effective global Intellectual Property (IP) and technology business representation. We handle matters in a wide spectrum of technology sectors, including the life sciences, medicine and biotechnology, energy, water and environmental technology, and information and communications technology.

The law firm's IP and Technology Law Practice was started over a quarter century ago by Patent Attorney Richard C. Litman. He holds three law degrees, including an advanced degree in Patent and Trade Regulation Law.

Our American Patent Services® Practice is headed by Richard J. Apley, a former USPTO Director. He is supported by a team of technology professionals and patent practitioners. Many are former U.S. Patent Examiners. We conduct searches at the USPTO, and prepare, file and handle U.S., international (PCT) and national stage patent applications throughout the world.
Our Academic Innovation Practice has a proactive and global approach to helping preeminent universities and research centers throughout the world. Through our analysis of global patent information, Litman Law helps clients accelerate innovation, and identify, evaluate, patent, and commercialize the resulting technology through licensing, alliance building and multinational collaborative relationships.
Our expertise and proximity to the USPTO enables clients to benefit from our face-to-face meetings with U.S. Patent Examiners to advance the prosecution of pending applications. We also help clients navigate the Patent Prosecution Highway and take advantage of the Green Technology Program to accelerate prosecution.

Our company, Academic Innovation Management LLC, helps educational and research institutions manage collaborations, technology development and commercialization projects, brand development and licensing, and related IP and tech transfer services. For evolving technologies, we coordinate IP filings to preserve global IP rights and minimize costs until the technology is ripe for development and commercialization.